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We have traveled, worked, and lived the world over. Most of our time has been spent volunteering and leading in churches, community organizations, and small nonprofits. Each had its own style and approach. Each doing amazing work. Each changing the world in ways that were creative and unique. Unfortunately, one thing they all had in common: they weren’t getting their stories heard.

We set out to empower these world-changers to shout their stories from the mountaintops (or at least across the cybersphere). Before long, we were working with numerous nonprofits and churches, as well as a few small businesses & local entrepreneurs.

In a world with endless ways  to share your stories, just cutting through the noise and getting started can be a daunting task. No fear! ugali is here!

We’re not looking to catch the big fish. We’re not out to make the big bucks or some quick cash. We exist to empower those like you who have little to spend because you are investing your energy and resources where it is needed most, bringing change in our communities.




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